Elections Division

Arthur Morrell, Clerk of Criminal District of Orleans Parish is the chief election officer of the parish. Also the clerk is the ex officio (custodian) of voting machines. In addition to other duties vested in him by law, the clerk

Jeanine Aubry Elections Supervisor (504) 658-9172

  • Provides instruction of election commissioners and issuance of certificates of instruction.
  • Notifies candidates in each election of the date and time when they may examine the voting machines.
  • Certify public counters are set at zero on the machines, and certify to the number on the protective counter of the machines prior to an election.
  • Supervise and have custody of the machines from the time they taken from the warehouse for distribution to the polling places until the machines are turned over to the election commissioners and from the time the machines are surrendered by the election commissioners until they are returned to the secretary of state at the warehouse.
  • Notify candidates of the date, time and place of the opening of machines and supervise the opening of machines.

What's on the ballot?


Poll Commissioner Information

  • You must be an Orleans Parish registered voter not marked by the Registrar as entitled to assistance in voting
  • You must not be a candidate for election
  • You must not be an immediate family member of a candidate serving in a precinct where that candidate's name appears on the ballot
  • You must not have been convicted of an election offense enumerated in Chapter 10, Title 18
  • You must not be a law enforcement officer
  • You may be at least 17years of age, enrolled in the 12th Grade and will attain the age of 18 and be eligible for voter registration before the next election.

Poll Commissioner Training Classes

In order to serve as an election commissioner you must attend a training class. Below is a schedule of dates:

Martin Behrman Auditorium
4:00P.M. or 6:30P.M.

University of New Orleans
Business Administration Building Room 165
4:00P.M. or 6:30P.M.

Isidore Newman School
1903 Jefferson Ave.
9:00A.M. or 11:30A.M.

Contact our office for times and locations.

Certified commissioners whom fulfill all class requirements earn $200.00 per election.

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David Flemings Elections Assistant (504) 658-9004